Hazardous metals in the e-cigarette

Formalin is not the only dangerous substance observed in e-cigarettes, writing 60 million consumers.

Traces of potentially toxic metals are present in the model Cigartex, chromium, nickel or lead. There are also antimony, a dangerous metal in excess of those in the conventional cigarette makers.

Moreover, some refills e-liquid containing nicotine are toxic when ingested in large quantities and their contact with the skin will cause severe poisoning .The study of 60 million consumers is the first to expose the risks of electronic cigarette, whose recent success translates into a million customers in France.

A debate is scheduled on September 10 to the European Parliament reconsider the status of the electronic cigarette as a drug , allowing tighter regulation .The president of the Independent Association of users of electronic cigarettes (Aiduce) Lepoutre Brice said he was disgusted by the “outrageous and dangerous that could return many people to tobacco, it is very dangerous” study.

These products still do not have the control imposed on conventional cigarettes as they do not contain tobacco. Electronic cigarettes are in free circulation no real method of assessing their components.

In this regard, the National Consumer Institute (INC) has requested recovery of regulatory standards. Smoking is responsible for 73,000 deaths each year in France. The potential risks of electronic cigarette concern about a million French who wish to smoke less or stop this way.

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