The European Union under the e-cigarette to ensure its future

The first source of concern is of course health. Controls are currently too infrequent to ensure the consumer a product complies with European features. The various articles will therefore now make a request for placing on the market before marketing in the EU.

The liquid will also be forced to a less than 20 mg/ml dose of nicotine. A good initiative to avoid the dependence of the best vapoteur. Finally, individual refills will also be limited to 2ml, in order to standardize the time of consumption.

Europe hardens his fight against tobacco with electronic cigarette

In two years, the European Commission will take stock of the electronic cigarette. It will be positioned on the qualities and defects of the product, as well as monitoring of consumption, and will even have the freedom to boycott brands considered unhealthy if three member states denounce.

Meanwhile, the tobacco industry has taken for his rank. Messages warning of 65% of the surface of its packets, the final judgment artificial flavors 2016 (the menthols go until 2020). It is clearly seen to draw an exit strategy smoking with the electronic cigarette, it is first necessary to build and fit.

The agreement is not yet law. For this, it must be voted by parliament in 2014, and, if accepted, enacted into law in the member states on the following two years. Nevertheless a very nice victory for our hobby steam with the wind in their sails.

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